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Networking is a critical component of what we are -- its in our name. Good networking is secure, reliable, fast, and transparent. It is easy to make data available, but it must not be available to the wrong people. Our customers business, and therefore our business rely on data, if the data is not available, or it takes too long, or its too hard to get the data then the business is not making any money.

Our primary data center is in a major co-location facility in Downtown Los Angeles. The seismic integrity, infrastructure, utility feeds and connectivity are all state-of-the-art. They have multiple utility feeds,sufficient generators and on site fuel tanks to run systems and cooling for several weeks. From there we have multiple connections to the internet backbone. For example we are 3 router hops and less than 5ms from google. Our other 4 offices are interconnected to the down town data center via anMPLS network, this provides the connectivity and independence of a private network with the carrier management and redundancy of a carrier network.

At the primary datacenter most software services are provided by virtual machines. Server virtualization allows for hardware and software to scale independently of each other, and greatly simplifies off site backup and systems redundancy. Each satellite office has a small data center to support local caching of information that will be processed at that site. There are also backup servers at some of the sites, along with platforms to support both software and product development.

At ACINET voice is just another data service. More precisely voice is the most important data service we provide. QoS tools along with massive bandwidth oversubscription allows voice to travel across our network unimpeded by large bulk data. To interface with legacy TDM voice services we have built a custom TDM-SIP gateway. The gateway sits on the edge of our network, accepting calls in any of the digital, or analog formats (PRI, Feature Group D, POTS, etc) and converting them to a standard SIP format. From there the voice data can be routed to any location within our network. Routing changes happen instantly allowing call processing to be independent of the location of the answering party.

Mobile data access is provided by VPN and encrypted server access. We provide mobile versions of reporting applications customized to maximize data presentation on both Apple and Andriod platforms. This is the promise of the 'cloud' fulfilled. Not only are your data available anywhere, but also in a way that is usable and secure.

None of these services would be useful if we were unaware of the status of the system. We have a state of the art monitoring system that uses SNMP and other protocols to verify performance of all parts of the system, the automated monitoring is backed up by a dedicated 7x24 staff of highly skilled professional network technicians. These technicians do far more than just check the status of the automated systems, they run manual checks, interface with carriers, and most importantly use their own initiative to find new ways to validate the performance of the system.


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